Natural Eye-sight

As almost all aberrations from the physiological state of the body, an impaired eye-sight is reversible! It arises from poor and unnatural seeing habits which lead to constriction and tension of the eye muscles.



I got my first glasses when I was 12, I then already had developed a myopia (shortsightedness) of -2,5 diopters (on both eyes). My sight deteriorated rapidly and with 14 I wore glasses with -4,5 diopters. I started to wear contact lenses then to slow the progress of the decline. It worked and for years I wore RGP (rigid gas permeable) contacts. I felt quite comfortable with them but it was always very painful when I got a dust particle in the eye. So I finally switched to soft contacts and I felt much better, I almost forgot that I wore them at all.
With 25 I had -5 diopters.

With the raw food diet my eye-sight improved, but still I had to wear my strong contacts. I started to read up on the topic about improving the eye-sight naturally and found some interesting books.
And so in November 2011 I started to wear under-corrected lenses (-4 diopters) and I began to train my eyes and eye muscles with special exercises. My eye-sight improved  steadily so that in the end of January 2012 I was able to switch to -3 contact lenses. And I keep on doing the exercises regularly to improve further.

The improvement could be much more rapidly if I took some courses or attend a workshop, but I want to do it in my own pace.

It will take time and I have to practice regularly, but I’m very happy with my results so far and I’m going to stick to it. My huge goal is, that someday I can throw away all contact lenses for good!

For me wearing contacts or glasses doesn’t fit in to my healthy and natural lifestyle and I’m sure that it is possible to regain my full eye-sight.

Update May 2012: When we came back to Vienna I had to switch from the -3 contact lenses to -3,5 lenses, because with the weaker lenses I didn’t feel comfortable driving a car. With the -3,5 I feel very much at ease and I’m still doing my exercises regularly to improve the eye-sight further.

Update February 2013: Because I didn’t feel comfortable anymore driving in the car with -3,5 diopters  (especially in the dark), I consulted an optician, who told me to be cautious with under-correction of the eyes, because the brain could get used to the blurred vision and eventually it would be impossible to reach the 100% sharp sight, even with glasses or contact lenses. I’m not sure, if that is true, but I don’t want to risk it either. He gave me contacts with -4,5 diopters and I feel very comfortable with them.
I still train my eyes regularly and I’ve decided to attend a workshop sometime so that I can improve my eyesight under supervision of an expert.
My main problem is the car driving, when I do not have to drive (like on Tenerife), the eye exercises are much more effective.
Anyhow, I won’t give up, I’ll keep on exercising and stick to my dream that someday I won’t need glasses nor contact lenses, but will have regained my full eye-sight!

Here I write down one exercise from the book “Relearning to See” by Thomas R. Quackenbush (chapter 21):


“To palm correctly, sit in a comfortable chair, with proper posture, giving special attention to correct alignment of the head, neck and shoulders. Rest your elbows on a cushion, pillow or other support. […] Rest your feet flat on the floor. Do not cross your feet or legs. Self-healing energy emanates from the center of the palms. You can increase this energy flow before palming by ‘rubbing your hands an inch apart’; in other words, without actually touching your hands together. […] Do not touch your eyes. ‘Cup’ your hands slightly. The fingers are relaxed, not stiff. The left hand is placed first, with the center of the ‘cupped’ palm over the left eye. The base of the hand rests softly on the cheek, without putting pressure on the nose. The hand is angled slightly, so that the fingers extend toward the center of the forehead. Next, the right hand is placed with the fingers extending over the fingers of the left hand. Breathe abdominally. It is important that the neck is loose. The neck has a small movement during palming. The eyelids are closed during palming. […] Generally the more time given to palming, the more benefit is received.” (Thomas R. Quackenbush, Relearning to See, North Atlantic Books, p. 349-353)


I wore glasses in my late teens and early twenties (between 17 and 21), I had about -2 diopters (on the right eye, less on the left eye). When I heard about raw foods for the first time I also read that the eye-sight could be improved and that it is even possible to regain the natural perfect eye-sight. And as I never felt comfortable with the glasses, I just threw them away one day and started to train my eyes with different exercises that I came up with and found out to be efficient. I regained my full eye-sight and have kept it ever since.


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