Healthy Lifestyle

To live healthfully encompasses more than a natural nutrition, although this is a major step into the right direction. It also includes exercise, relaxation, sleep, body care, to get enough sunlight, a positive attitude and to live in a clean and natural environment. And the consciousness for these aspects of life comes naturally with the improvement of our eating habits. When we don’t want to put any processed and chemical foods into our bodies anymore, why would we want to put processed and chemical stuff on our bodies (lotions, shower gels, perfumes, clothes (!), etc.)?

The simpler and healthier our diet becomes the clearer our thoughts become and we start to think our whole lifestyle over. And tastes and habits change. Things that we really enjoyed in the past do now feel uncomfortable and unnatural. Our bodies change and we change. And that is perfectly alright!

We have both experienced major changes in our everyday habits and on the following pages we write about them.



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