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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. This is a very well done and informative site! I’m looking orward to read some more news and facts about your daily life on eating raw, and if you want perhaps II could contribute some details concerning the history of eating without cooking!

    • Hello and thank you very much!! We’re glad that you like our site!!
      Yes, it would be great if you could share some details about the history of raw food eating!!
      We wish you a pleasant evening!
      C & C

  2. Dear Clara,
    I enjoy your website very much. One question:
    can you please write down your eye-exercises in your blog, or give me an advice, which book I can read, to improve my eye-sight?
    Thank you very much (contact:
    Have a nice day

    • Hello Gudrun,
      thank you very much for your comment! We’re very happy to hear that you enjoy our website! Yes, I’m going to write down some of my eye exercises very soon and we’ll write a post in the next couple of days about the books we read and recommend (incl. the books about the improvement of the eye-sight).

      All the best,

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