Body Care

We don’t use any soaps, shampoos, shower gels, deodorants, perfumes or any other chemical care products.

We wash our clothes with an organic detergent, which is eco-friendly and makes the clothes smell fresh and neutral. We don’t need to use a softener either.



I use ghassoul (rhassoul) clay for washing my hands and my hair. Before I started the raw food diet I used to wash my hair every second day with some organic (but still chemical) shampoo. Now it stays fresh much longer and I only wash it once a week.

I brush my teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush and water, but without toothpaste. In addition I use a tongue cleaner (if necessary) and dental floss.
Update May 2012: After an oral hygiene treatment at the dentist’s I now use green healing clay and an interdental brush as well as a toothbrush with X-bristles to make sure, the interdental spaces are clean. My teeth got whiter after the oral hygiene and they feel very clean after brushing them with clay. I’m really satisfied with this new development.

In the past I used to put on some make-up almost every day, but I stopped this altogether. It doesn’t feel natural anymore and in addition my skin has become so clear and radiant that I don’t need to apply any foundation or powder anymore. And because I try to bathe in the sun regularly my skin has got a natural tan and isn’t as pale anymore as it was in the past.

I always liked to take hot showers, but I often felt weak afterwards. So I started to rinse my legs and arms with cold water after the hot shower. But I still had the feeling, that I could do better and so finally I listened to my body and weaned myself from the hot showers and now I always shower with cold water or occasionally lukewarm water.

Afterwards I rub the skin dry with a towel to stimulate the perfusion of the skin.

pieces of ghassoul clay, mixed with water they become a creamy paste


I don’t use any care products at all, I only use water to wash my body. I always take cold showers and rub the body intensively dry to stimulate blood circulation and detoxification of the skin. I brush my teeth once a day, I thoroughly rinse my nostrils and clean my sinuses with a special coughing technique.

I don’t wash my hair, but I brush them well every day. My hair has developed a natural equilibrium and doesn’t get dry or extraordinarily greasy anymore.

For shaving I use an electric shaver.


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