Oh, beautiful springtime! :-)

Finally it is warm and we can spend all day outside in the garden! Sonne

Here some spring impressions:

Beautiful tulips



huge tomato

funny cucumber

spring abundance


We wish you all wonderful sunny days! Rote Rose


We’re still here…

Long time no see, so it is high time that we blog again.

Life is flowing steadily, with very calm and peaceful times and some higher waves, when we try our best to stay aboard our ship. Winter is taxing on us, this year even more than the years before and so we once again resolved to spend next winter in a warmer climate, at least January and February, the winter cold is too hard to bear for us.

Our raw food supply is good, despite the cold temperatures, only that Clara seems to have lost her appetite. But as soon as it gets warmer this will surely go away.

We (especially Constantin) are experimenting with a higher fat ratio in our food in the last two weeks, that is, we eat more avocados. Clara stopped the experiment after a few days, because although she likes avocados, her body made it clear, that he neither needs them nor wants them.

The highlights are delicious mangoes and papayas, but our main calorie source are still bananas and savoury medjoul dates.


Special goodies to lighten up the winters cold:


Fruits and Health Festival in Slovenia with special guests DR. DOUGLAS GRAHAM, PROF. ROZALIND GRAHAM and others!!!

Hello friends,

we received a very nice request to promote the Fruits and Health Festival that will take place in Čemšenik, Slovenia from 31st July to 3rd August 2014. The schedule sounds fantastic, there are lectures and yoga and fitness classes.

Special guests are DR. DOUGLAS GRAHAM, THE AUTHOR OF “THE 80/10/10 DIET”, his wife PROF. ROZALIND GRAHAM and other well-known 80/10/10 proponents such as CHRIS KENDALL and GRANT CAMPBELL!

It sounds fabulous, we would LOVE to attend the festival, but we don’t know if we can make it this year.

If you can make it, seize the opportunity and BE PART OF THIS GREAT EVENT!

Thank you very much to the leading team for creating such a great opportunity to meet our role models in person!!!


Check out:



It’s Springtime!

Hello friends!

Yesterday Clara went running for the first time after two months and she took some pictures of the awakening nature all around us. The wild garlic is in season again, and although it is too spicy for us to eat, we love the smell!

Also the garden season has started already, there is a lot to do and we love it!

We wish you all a pleasant springtime! Sonne

Frühling 1

Frühling 2

Frühling 3

Frühling 4

Frühling 5

Frühling 6


The new year is already eleven days old and it started quite nicely for us. The weather here is really fine, the sun shines almost every day and the temperatures are very mild for this time of the year.
After the long winter last year, we planned to spent some weeks in South Spain this winter, to escape the cold weather. But as both fall and winter were very mild so far and the raw food supply is quite abundant, we decided to stay at home and enjoy the season here.
We wish you all a happy new year! Smiley

Here some raw food highlights of the season:

Organic tangerines




Organic bananas

1st Advent

It’s Advent season again!

This week we had the first snow of the season. Fortunately though, the sun is still stronger and the snow didn’t last for long.

Despite the cold and dark season, we are feasting on a raw food abundance! Here some pictures from the last weeks:

Delicious persimmons, it’s too bad that their season is always so short.

Heavenly Sukkari Soft-Dates from Orkos.

Organic sweet peppers


And some picture of the garden:

The mallows defy the cold.

Beautiful evening sky
evening sky

Look at those clouds!

We wish you all a peaceful advent season! Smiley

What about the Wild Greens?

Last winter we were very enthusiastic about introducing some wild greens into our raw vegan diet, because they grow in abundance in our garden. So this spring and summer we tried many different wild greens, that we found in our garden and the surrounding grasslands. The result was the same as in the years before: we still didn’t like them. We didn’t found a single plant that we really liked. A few were tolerable, such as nettles and  Lamb’s-Quarters. But otherwise almost all wild greens were far too bitter for us. Our main criterion when selecting our food is: Can we make a meal out of it? That means, that we only eat foods that taste good in their natural state, eaten mono, that is, without mixing it with other foods. We trust our gustatory sense and this way we make sure, that we feed the body exclusively foods that it really needs.


Our Wild Green Experiment this year showed again that we are better off without them.

And fortunately we’ve got lots of other vegetables and tender greens to meet our nutritional needs! And an abundance of fruits of course! Zwinkerndes Smiley


What are your experiences with wild greens? Do you like them?  Which ones do you like best? Can you eat them mono or do you have to mix them with fruits or other foods or make smoothies or juices?

Have a wonderful day!! Smiley