We’re still here…

Long time no see, so it is high time that we blog again.

Life is flowing steadily, with very calm and peaceful times and some higher waves, when we try our best to stay aboard our ship. Winter is taxing on us, this year even more than the years before and so we once again resolved to spend next winter in a warmer climate, at least January and February, the winter cold is too hard to bear for us.

Our raw food supply is good, despite the cold temperatures, only that Clara seems to have lost her appetite. But as soon as it gets warmer this will surely go away.

We (especially Constantin) are experimenting with a higher fat ratio in our food in the last two weeks, that is, we eat more avocados. Clara stopped the experiment after a few days, because although she likes avocados, her body made it clear, that he neither needs them nor wants them.

The highlights are delicious mangoes and papayas, but our main calorie source are still bananas and savoury medjoul dates.


Special goodies to lighten up the winters cold:



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