What about the Wild Greens?

Last winter we were very enthusiastic about introducing some wild greens into our raw vegan diet, because they grow in abundance in our garden. So this spring and summer we tried many different wild greens, that we found in our garden and the surrounding grasslands. The result was the same as in the years before: we still didn’t like them. We didn’t found a single plant that we really liked. A few were tolerable, such as nettles and  Lamb’s-Quarters. But otherwise almost all wild greens were far too bitter for us. Our main criterion when selecting our food is: Can we make a meal out of it? That means, that we only eat foods that taste good in their natural state, eaten mono, that is, without mixing it with other foods. We trust our gustatory sense and this way we make sure, that we feed the body exclusively foods that it really needs.


Our Wild Green Experiment this year showed again that we are better off without them.

And fortunately we’ve got lots of other vegetables and tender greens to meet our nutritional needs! And an abundance of fruits of course! Zwinkerndes Smiley


What are your experiences with wild greens? Do you like them?  Which ones do you like best? Can you eat them mono or do you have to mix them with fruits or other foods or make smoothies or juices?

Have a wonderful day!! Smiley


2 thoughts on “What about the Wild Greens?

  1. Hm… i am eating wild greens since 5 years now and i love it. Though it is true that there are not many been eaten as mono meal. Though there are some like Chickweed for example it is the best salad in the world !! another one could be “Franzosenkraut” and truly young dandelion leafs are not that bitter. Too one gets used to the taste. It is true that these plant are often really strong in taste, but they can bring us a lot of good stuff into our system, minerals, vitamins and even fats ! (especially omega 3) Another thing i do for tree-eating (sitting in the tree picking and eating) i eat every now and then a leaf of the tree together with the fruit. Often it is a surprisingly amazing experience how good it tastes by itself + together with the fruit and how the digestion works well !
    So you might feel up for trying ?
    One more thing is that wild herbs have a very high medicinal value that there are often used for special purposes like cleansing, remineralizing,.. in my opinion it is definitely legitimate to mix some of them with sweet fruits to make them go down a little more tasty and to still get the benefits of our mother earth and her gifts she gives to us in our climate.
    A really nice salad is : 2 part young light green dandelion, 1 part nettles, 2 apples
    Awesome for cleanse. In addition you can add some sunflower seeds, oil, salt pepper, depending on how you eat.
    I am Raw Foodie since 3 years and i really appreciate wild greens as a major mineral supply.

    Hope this was maybe bringing you those little wild powerful gifts closer to your taste buds 😉

    • Hello Christina,
      thank you very much for your comment and for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!! Tree-eating sounds fun!! 😉
      We try to eat as simple as possible, we eat almost exclusively mono meals and so we would like to eat our greens mono as well. We love spinach for example, which is coming in seasons now! 🙂
      Next year we will definitely give the wild greens another chance. We know chickweed and dandelion, but we’ve never heard of Franzosenkraut, we will try to find it and give it a try! 🙂 Thank you very much for your recommendations!

      We wish you all the best,
      Clara & Constantin

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