Running can change your life!

To go for a run is the perfect exercise, it trains your body and soothes your Soul.

Here Clara writes about her current running routine:

Since mid-May 2013 I go running regularly again, about six times a week. I started very carefully and jogged very slowly in the beginning and increased the distance and speed very slowly.
Now, in mid-July, I run about 6-8 km (in about 45 minutes) and afterwards I walk the same distance back home at a quick pace, so that I cover a distance of about 12 to 16 km (sometimes more) in one training session. I pay a lot of attention to run in a steady, not too fast pace, the most important criterion is my breath, I try to keep my breath steady all of the time. This way I get the feeling, that I could run forever! For me, running is basically breath work (pranayama), to keep the breath even is of utmost importance. As soon as I’m beginning to be inattentive, I get a stitch in my side and I lose my steady rhythm.
After the training I do stretching exercises and some asanas, especially inverted positions as Headstand, Shoulder Stand and Plough. In addition I practice hip openers such as the Dove, the Half-Lotus and the Lotus position and forward bending asanas to stretch the hamstrings, because I feel, that the hamstrings contract and shorten through running.
I’m very happy about being able to run on a regularly basis again and I’m definitely going to keep on running. I already experience some differences in my body, the muscles are getting stronger, the tissues leaner and the persistent body fat starts to melt finally, slowly, but surely. I feel even more energetic than before and on days where I cannot go running, I feel almost imbalanced. I already integrated my running sessions perfectly into my daily routine and everything feels easier and I feel fabulous and even more at ease in my body.
I really want to continue and even bad weather cannot keep me from going outside and run! And in winter, if the weather is too rough, I will do some indoor-aerobic-training instead. I want to stay in shape and shape my body further.

I highly recommend to everybody to take up some kind of regular exercise, running, walking, swimming or whatever. In my own experience, I can say that if you have overcome the initial phase of reluctance, you will benefit enormously of your daily exercise routine. Depending on how you want to spend this time, it can either be spend very meditative or you can exert yourself, as long as you keep listening to your body and do not overexert it.

Have fun and a fabulous summertime – which season can be better to start a regular exercise programme?

Let’s go outside and get some fresh air!!

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