Is a Raw Food Diet Time-Consuming, Complicated and Expensive?

Apparently many people think, that a raw vegan diet is very complicated and costly, because you need a lot of kitchen appliances such as a blender, food processor, dehydrator, juicer, etc. to create the many (gourmet-)dishes that are promoted in countless blogs and in numerous books about raw foods. The ingredients needed for these dishes are often expensive and hard to find. In addition there are innumerable (and outrageously expensive) supplements and other products, which are praised by so-called “raw food gurus” as vitally important and indispensable.
Well, in this view we agree, that such a lifestyle can be very expensive and time-consuming (and additionally quite unhealthy as most of these gourmet-dishes are very high in fat and contain a lot of dehydrated ingredients).

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Our raw food diet for example is very simple: we eat raw fruits and vegetables, pure and unprocessed. We don’t use a blender, food processor, dehydrator or juicer (we had one that we gave away because we didn’t use it anymore). We solely use sharp knives, spoons and occasionally a manual orange juicer.

kitchen appliance 1

kitchen appliance 2

pure raw foods

It doesn’t have to be that frugal, you can quite as well prepare delicious dishes with only a few, unprocessed ingredients, if you want to. Although generally speaking, the less ingredients the easier to digest and the better for the body. In addition it is important to apply the correct food combining principles (we are writing on a page about this topic at the moment).
We both found out, that we like it best to keep it as simple as possible, we eat only one kind of fruit or vegetable at a meal, and six to eight meals per day.

Unfortunately especially exotic fruits are very expensive and we need a lot of them. It’s helpful to ask local fruit merchants if you can buy in bulk and get some discount or if you buy directly at the wholesale. In addition thanks to the raw food diet we save money elsewhere, for example we don’t need any body care products, cosmetics or drugs.

The advantages of a simple raw vegan diet (with preferably mono meals) are numerous: fast and easy digestion, optimal use of nutrients, light and energetic feeling after the meals, no bloated feeling, very few dishes to wash.

The disadvantage: there is no profit to be made of this simple lifestyle, that’s why this way of living is so little praised and propagated…Trauriges Smiley

Based on the following criteria we should select our foods: fresh, ripe, raw, organic, unprocessed (unheated, not dehydrated or otherwise treated), fair trade and low fat. In addition if possible locally or regionally grown and seasonal. Unfortunately it is not always possible to find products which meet all the above mentioned criteria (especially in the winter), but we always keep this list in mind as a guideline.

As you can see, there is not “the raw vegan diet”, but many different approaches. If the raw vegan diet is either time-consuming, complicated and costly or very simple, but all the more delicious and healthy, everybody has to decide on his own.

For a list of recommendable books click here.


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