Wild Greens

We don’t have much experience with wild greens up to now, in the last few years we’ve regularly tasted different leaves and grasses in spring and summer but so far we didn’t like them and we also didn’t know any of their names. But as we have a garden now we would like to learn more about the different plants that grow wild. For Christmas we got some books about wild greens and we are very much looking forward to use them to distinguish the different wild plants in our garden. And maybe this will help us to find some wild greens to enrich our raw food selection. Teller

wild greens

Titles of the books (they are all in German and mostly about regional (Central Europe) wild plants):

– Siegrid Hirsch, Felix Grünberger – Die Kräuter in meinem Garten

– Marie-Claude Paume – Grün, wild und schmackhaft

– Gerhard Bedlan – Unkräuter

– Steffen Guido Fleischhauer, Jürgen Guthmann, Roland Spiegelmberger – Essbare Wildpflanzen

– Margot und Roland Spohn, Marianne Golte-Bechtle – Was blüht denn da?

From what we read of them so far they are all very good, the last one is especially helpful for distinguishing wild plants and trees.


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