First snowfall of the season

Well, that was a short autumn, to be sure! On Saturday it started to snow and today we already have about 15 cm and it’s snowing still! Oh, how beautiful the snow is here, so pristine, white and clean. Smiley

And as far as our raw food supply is concerned, we have unexpected (but hoped for) abundance at the moment, we have great Piel de Sapo melons, the persimmons are still in season, there are delicious mangoes, oranges, dates and of course bananas. In addition celery and field salad are in high season and of course winter squash. We feel very blessed! Smiley

Here some impressions from the last few days.

Winter 1
our backyard last thursday…

Winter 2

Winter 3
…and this morning (sorry for the different angle, but as it is quite cold outside the picture was taken from inside the house Zwinkerndes Smiley)

Winter 4

Winter 5

Winter 6

Winter 7
here some oxheart tomatoes from our garden!! we picked them unripe and they ripened beautifully and tasted very good!


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