City bustle and rural idyll

Today we had to run some errands in Vienna. After only a few months of living in the countryside, we are already completely detached from the bustle and stress of the city and therefore this day was very stressful and exhausting for us! So we were really relieved when we could turn our backs to the city and head home. On our way home we drove through Perchtoldsdorf, a suburb of Vienna, and its wine route – a really pleasant alternation to the city. Sonne

Here some pictures.

Perchtoldsdorf 1

Perchtoldsdorf 2

Perchtoldsdorf 3

Perchtoldsdorf 4

Perchtoldsdorf 5


2 thoughts on “City bustle and rural idyll

  1. what a beautiful green sight … haven’t seen something like this quite a while now.
    i know exactly what you mean by the city’s bustle and stress … i wonder how we made it to live in hamburg for years (and love it) … now we almost can’t stand the noise of los christianos. it’s that quiet and peaceful at our finca 🙂

    • Dear Silke,
      neither can we understand how we could actually “survive” this long in the city. 😉
      Living in the countryside is so relaxing. Living on a finca in the south sounds fantastic too!
      Best wishes,
      Clara & Constantin

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