Listen to your body

As we wrote on different occasions on our website, our highest maxim is “Listen to your body”. We are both very happy with our low fat, mono-meal, raw vegan diet. But we got there, because we learned to listen to our bodies and follow their needs and not because we follow the instructions of somebody else. Of course it is very helpful to read and hear about the experiences of other raw foodists and we learn a lot by reading books and trying out different things to see, if they work for us. But if they don’t, if we don’t feel well with these changes, we don’t follow the described path, but find our own.
In our internet researches we found different blogs and websites from raw vegans (with very different approaches) and we think it is very sad to see, that many people drop off the raw food path after only a short time, because they couldn’t cope with the diet they’d adopted, only because they had read about it in a book and had followed it to the extreme, without thinking and feeling, if it is really the right thing for their own body. And often it is not the right thing or they are just not ready to go 100 % raw yet and so they quit not only the diet, but also the raw food path altogether, feeling disappointed and/or, even worse, they maybe see their former belief (or that of friends and relatives) confirmed, that a raw food diet just cannot work. And so they fall back to a vegan, vegetarian or even non-vegetarian diet, thinking, that they are giving the body what it needs. And that makes us very sad to see. We are convinced that a raw vegan diet can work and that it could help so many people who are ill, even seriously ill or just don’t feel as great as they could.


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