Our home

Two weeks ago we moved to our home in Lower Austria. We are soo happy here! Smiley Sun, clean, fresh air, quiescence. Just wonderful! Sonne

And thanks to enough rainfall our vegetable plants grow exuberantly!

Our house was built in 1968, it is a small, one-storeyed house with two rooms, kitchen and bathroom. It was used as a summer residence by the former owners, but as it was originally built winterproof we had a wood stove installed, because we want to try to stay here all year if possible. The surrounding garden encompasses about 400 sqm.
As we had to refurbish the whole house, we had the chance to be careful in choosing the new furniture. So as far as possible and affordable we bought solid wood furniture. In addition we bought natural matresses, organic cotton blankets, bed covers, bed linen and cushions.
There is much to be found on the web about the emission of toxic substances from (cheap) furniture, so it is really advisable to be careful in what you put into your flat.
Step by step we try to eliminate harmful sources like this from our surroundings. To make sensible furniture choices was another huge step.
Another thing we’re still working on, is to find comfortable, colourful and affordable organic (vegan) clothes.

Here are some pictures from our garden:

Jasmine blossoms

vegetable bed
One of our vegetable beds, on the left there are pepper, cucumber, zucchini, squash and sugar melon plants, in the front grows iceberg lettuce and all the other plants are different, rare varieties of tomatoes.
In the background you can see grazing horses. Our garden adjoins a big pasture and the horse stable is on the other side of the street. Clara’s horse lives there too. Smiley

Zucchini blossom

iceberg lettuce
First crop: Tasty iceberg lettuce


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