At the moment we are experimenting with fasting. We read a lot about it and we thought it could help our bodies to get rid of old waste products that are possibly still in the system and to help the organs to function even better.
Constantin did a three-day-water-fast, followed by six days of orange-juice-fast and then five days of mono fruit diet, where he ate only sugar melons. Today he reintroduced vegetables (celery and cucumber) into his diet. Clara also did five days of mono fruit diet, the first day she only ate mangoes, the second day sugar melons and then three days of oranges. The switching between the fruits was due to a lack of sufficient quantities of ripe fruits.

Our resume:


It was a very pleasant experience, I felt very energetic (even more than usual), digestion was very calm, because the digestive system could take a rest. I experienced mild detox symptoms such as a coated tongue and this afternoon I felt weak and unwell. But as I can’t take the time at the moment to stay at home and give the body as much rest as it would need for the detox, I started to eat vegetables again today. But I want to try to keep my diet very simple for some time and only eat one sort of fruit per day and maybe one or two kinds of vegetables with alternations during the week (for example one day I only eat melons, celery and tomatoes, the next day I eat mangoes, cucumber and spinach, etc.).
And as soon as we are settled in our new home, I want to pursue and extend the fasting experiment and maybe also do some days of water fasting.


I really enjoyed this special time and I’m certainly going to do this again. It gave me a lot of insight into the physiology of the body and helped me to listen more closely to my body. Interestingly even during the water fast I felt very energetic and I didn’t really experience any detox symptoms besides a coated tongue. On the fourth day of the water fast I felt weak and so I started to drink orange juice (freshly squeezed with most of the pulp). After six days of orange juice I felt strongly drawn to sugar melons. And so I changed to the mono fruit diet until today where I experienced a strong need for celery.

This experiment gave me the confidence that I can really trust my body that it will direct me to the exact sort of foods that it truly needs in the moment. And it turned out once more very clearly that these foods are firstly high water content sweet fruits, such as melons, mangoes and papayas and secondly vegetables such as cucumber, celery and tomatoes.

As far as we read, you can fast up to seven days with water on your own without problems when you are in a good overall health condition, for longer fasts it is better to go to a fasting clinic or to be supervised by an experienced (regarding to fasting of course) physician.


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