Sorting out old stuff

As we’re planning to move to the country we are currently sorting through our stuff in our flat and clearing out old clothes, books and other things we don’t need or want anymore. We donate most of the things to Humana and other aid organisations. It feels good to rid ourselves of things that don’t fit into our lifestyle anymore. It’s a very liberating activity. In addition it feels relieving to reduce the material possessions and to keep only things that we really want to take with us to our new home. With the change of diet, the lifestyle changes and so do preferences and hobbies. We take on new likings and new leisure activities. And for things that meant a lot to us in the past we now don’t have any use anymore. That’s a quite natural thing to happen and so we let go of these things. We keep the past in our memories, but we don’t think it necessary to keep old now superfluous stuff. As in our diet we want to keep our possession simple and manageable.


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