Mobile phones

Neither of us really likes mobile phones and we generally try to avoid using them. On Tenerife we almost never used our mobile phone. Back in Vienna we started to use it again more often and Clara found out, that her body reacts very sensitive to it:  Already when switching it on, I feel an uneasiness and when speaking on the cell phone I start to feel a stinging pain beneath the left ear, although using the hands-free mode. If I only use it for a moment, the pain ceases quickly, but once I talked on the phone for about ten minutes and the unpleasant feeling wouldn’t go away for half of the night! I’ve never experienced such a reaction to the use of a mobile phone before, but to be honest, I’m really glad about it. It tells me, that my body has become more sensitive to disturbing factors. I draw the conclusion of this experience and try to avoid using the mobile phone at all. It worked perfectly this way on Tenerife and it will work fine here too. My health comes first! Verliebt


2 thoughts on “Mobile phones

  1. Hey C&C,
    I feel the same way with mobile phones. Using them especially longer than a few minutes causes ear pain and I get a strong headache. That’s why always try to avoid long conversations on the phone and use a headset.
    xoxo Z

    • Hei Zainab,
      thanks for your comment, good to hear that someone else has made the same experience with the use of mobile phones! I take it as a clear sign of the body not to use it at all! We’re already exposed to enough radiation from other sources, that we cannot eliminate when living in the city, the least we can do is trying to avoid additional radiation sources.
      All the best to you!
      Kisses, C.

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