Back home

Last sunday we left Tenerife, where we have stayed the whole winter and after a long travel day we finally reached home. So now we’re back in Vienna. We really enjoyed our time-out on Tenerife, we had a great time there, we gained a lot of experiences and gathered many nice memories, but all in all we’re also happy to be back home. There are advantages and disadvantages in every place, on Tenerife we had an abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables, but here in Vienna we have access to a lot of organic foods, which was very rare on Tenerife.
Of course the quality of fresh tropic fruits such as papayas and mangoes that we get here cannot keep up with the fresh and ripe fruits that we had on Tenerife, but we already found a source of delicious and organic Medjoul-dates and Deglet Nour-dates and we ordered some fruits from Orkos, a mail-order company specialized on organic exotic fruits. That’s quite expensive of course, but it is worth every Cent!

Neither of us likes to live in a big city, and although Vienna is a very nice city, with beautiful sights, we want to move to the country. And we’re lucky to have the possibility to move to a small house in Lower Austria, about 50 kilometres away from Vienna, surrounded by nature. It’s a very nice and quiet place. We have a small garden there too, where we want to grow some vegetables. We’re very looking forward to that!

The weather is very nice here, the sun is shining all day and it is about 20 degrees Celsius, so we’ve really skipped the winter, as we planned to do! Smiley


Here some pictures of our raw food supply here:


raw food Vienna 1

raw foods Vienna 2

raw foods Vienna 3

raw foods Vienna 4

raw foods Vienna 5

raw foods Vienna 6

raw foods Vienna 7


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