Aprendemos español

Four months ago we started to learn Spanish. We started with a self-study course to learn the grammar basics. Now we read books in Spanish to learn vocabulary. Clara is reading El señor de los anillos (The Lord of the Rings) Parte 1 by J. R. R. Tolkien and Constantin is reading El proceso (The Trial) by Franz Kafka. Maybe not the easiest books to start with, but we chose them, because we have them both as audiobooks in German and so we read the Spanish text and listen to the German version. That’s a great way to learn a language!! We practice the pronunciation by reading aloud. And of course it’s very helpful to spent time in a Spanish speaking country! We already understand quite well what people are saying, although we’re yet not able to speak more than some simple sentences ourselves, we still need a lot of time thinking and formulating sentences in our minds. Zwinkerndes Smiley
But fortunately it is not necessary for us to be fluent in Spanish here. Although there are only a few people who speak English, there are many who speak German, as there are a lot of German immigrants living here.

We both like to study languages, besides Spanish we would also like to learn Italian and in addition we’re planning to refresh our French skills. Then we will be ready for our trip through West and South Europe next winter.Strebersmiley


Spanish books


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