Bye bye squash, hello cucumber

For the past four months we ate squash on a daily basis, we ate a lot of it. But in the last few days our appetite for it lessened and so we stopped eating it, although it is still in season here. Instead we reintroduced cucumber to our diet, which we haven’t eaten for months. It is really interesting in a raw vegan diet how the appetite for different fruits and vegetables varies. We think it has to do with the need of the body. We always try to listen to our bodies and act accordingly and although we really like squash, we stopped eating it for now, because obviously our bodies don’t need it at the moment. Also very interesting is, that we often experience such changes in appetite simultaneously. Generally our diet is very similar and doesn’t differ much, only that Constantin eats more in quantity.

It is getting a little colder here on Tenerife, a strong wind blows almost everyday, but still it is very sunny and the temperatures are mild.


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