La Palma

We just came back from our trip to the canary island La Palma. We stayed there for a week and we really enjoyed our time there. We took a trip around the island to get an impression of the landscape. It is truly an Isla bonita.

In general the landscape is very abundant and unspoiled, especially in the North. We stayed some days in El Paso, a village in the west and we really liked it there. It’s very quiet and the air is clean and fresh. No wonder that many people from Germany and other European countries have settled down there.

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining all day. Only problem was, that it got very cold at night, because the village is located about 700 m above sea level.


Some impressions from El Paso:

almond tree

El Paso




Impressions from Santa Cruz de la Palma:

Santa Cruz 1

Santa Cruz 2

Santa Cruz 3


In regard to the raw food supply we didn’t have difficulties to find food for us:

In the Mercado of Santa Cruz de la Palma we got very tasty mangoes from La Palma. In addition we found squash and tomatoes, locally grown as well. In Puntagorda we found delicious Natural Deglet Nour dates in a small supermarket and also squash and papayas. In El Paso we got Medjoul dates, squash and very tasty melons (unfortunately these were from Spain).


our food in El Paso


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